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Cream is amazing only thing to work on daughters eczema Thanks Bev xx


Hawkes Bay

Hi guys, Just wanted to say your facial moisturiser is one of the nicest natural beauty products I have come across and am on my 5th jar. Absolutely love it :)

JP via email

I have many of your essential oils and find them to be absolutely amazing and great value too. Congratulations on such awesome products. I recommend them all to my friends.

BV via email

Hi there, just wanting to pop an email to you to let you know how much I enjoy your skincare products! I have been using the rose lip salve for a few years now which is my favourite lip balm ever, but I have just very recently purchased the essential oil free calendula and honey skin cream - it is so lovely! I have very sensitive skin and I found this to be such a gentle & soothing face cream, I've given one to my mum and she loves it too.

OG via email

Hi Bev, I am really enjoying the Rose & Marshmallow Rich Facial Moisturiser and Rose Lip Salve. I started using it just 6 weeks ago. I have mature skin and in the past couple of years have experienced tiny dry patches on my face. Nothing worked. Your moisturiser is amazing, I use iy every night before I go to  bed. The dry patches have completely gone. It's great under makeup also.

VL via email

Hi there, just wanted to say what a winner the chocolate soap is! Gorgeous hard bar with a creamy, delicious lather. My new favourite with ylangylang a close second.

RF via email

Hi. I just thought I'd write to say how much I like your new cardboard lip tubes. They work really well, are a nice large size and are just soooo much better than in plastic. Well done!!! Thanks heaps for helping the planet a little bit more. Kind regards 

JR via email

Hawkes Bay

My husband has been using the calendula, Manuka honey and lavender cream on a rash on his lower leg. Previously he had been using a steroid cream prescribed by his doctor which would only keep the rash at bay. The calendula, Manuka honey and lavender cream provides complete control when used daily with no unwanted side effects. It is lovely to use to: it feels soothing and smells wonderful.

SP via email


I am a committed customer of 9 years. I am very pleased to ensorse your Skin Cream, it is of the highest quality. Because of its quality and effectiveness it is the only Moisturiser I ever buy since that time. I use it daily , when necessary on my animals and also as a preventative for athletes foot etc when I travel . I give it as a present in NZ and also take it overseas as presents -( I am about to give our vet a jar as a thank you present).

TG via Email

Having originally made a purchase of Thieves Oil, I was looking for something else to add to my order.

 With regards the above, Whilst  I have also done other things since using the Thieves Oil, I   believe that it is a contributory factor to my improved health and well-being and having purchased the 50 ml size, is also the most affordable option for this product that I have found).  

I have had poor health for many years, which seemingly started from experiencing Campylobacter, which having gone untreated with pro-biotics  back in those days,  led to  Chronic Fatigue, followed by  Fibromyalgia then Chronic R.A., among other things.

All of these conditions and the medications affect my  immune system.  That means that it can often be necessary to resort to anti-biotics for infections, which only adds to the problem further.  

The additional product I purchased was  NZ Green Balm as I figured it would be a good all-round product.

 Unfortunately, I recently   burnt my left hand  by accidentally pouring kettle water on it whilst filling a thermos.  

My first mistake (as I have since learnt, was not to leave it under cold, running water for half an hour which is the required protocol  amount of time to minimise damage).

 Unfortunately, whilst I thought I had gotten off lightly, as time went by, the damage of redness and blistering developed. 

This also led to holes/furrows in my skin when the blisters subsided.

 I began using the balm twice a day, liberally and it made a 'seal' over the damaged skin which I think kept out any infection. 

I generally avoided covering it up as that meant the balm being absorbed into the covering.

Much to my surprise and delight the area has almost completely healed now.  

Not only did I not experience any pain (just a sort of tightness where the healing was occurring), but I had no need for Doctor's visits or anti-biotics, which I would have anticipated.

When I have shown photos of the original and progressive  damage to friends,  (which I took if I needed to show the Doctor), they were horrified but also impressed at the improvement I had since experienced.  

Needless to say, I have now re-ordered my Thieves Oil which I use daily in my Atomiser and sometimes on the soles of my feet but I have also ordered  a replacement for myself, and  several pots of the NZ Green Balm for  my friends. 

Thanks Guys, I appreciate your quality products and great pricing. 

AL via Email  


I've been buying this arnica for years, you guys are by far the most effective I've ever used! Thank you so much and keep up the great work.

AC via Email

Your products were fab to have and my tent that I live in for two months smelled smells are a funny thing in the cold ( -38) and you don't really smell anything, except burnt toast !!  My tent heated up in the sunshine and the oils filled the air. The little soaps were lovely and once we erected a shower, they got used . 
Thank you for wonderful products I'll keep using them, especially the Scented Rosehip Facial Oil, I love it !!  

L via Email from Antarctica









I just want to say thank you so much for keeping your products true and pure, I absolutely love the quality in your essential oils, in my opinion they are by far the most superior quality I’ve ever had, I make homemade soaps, body butter’s and healing creams on a very small scale and I will not use any other essential oils ever. And believe me I’ve tried a few different ones from some big companies and I always go back to yours, so I thank you from my mind body and soul. AD via Email I received my order yesterday and I love it all ! especially the Skin cream.. I recognised the packaging recently, I remember it from my childhood !.. so needed to order some for myself . The texture is so good , it soaks in but also leaves a protective layer - it’s really  superior cream! My mother just tried it (she’s very fussy) and she was amazed.

KW via Email

Some years ago a friend introduced me to the Rose-Geranium Lip Balm and because it was absolutely the best lip balm I'd encountered, by far, I wrote to Kereru for a list of their other products.
Since then I've used a selection of their Essential oils, Bath salts, Massage oils, Insect Repellent, Cold Balm and Skin Creams and can say that no-one else comes near the extraordinary quality of those products. Not only is their quality uncompromisingly high, but the prices are incredibly low for such quality. My friends and I often wonder how the people at Kereru can do it.
Paul S


I have used Kereru Cold Balm for over ten years now to relieve the symptoms of a cold. To clear the nasal passage I put a small amount on a tissue and sniff.To ensure a good sleep with clear breathing and no coughing I rub my throat and upper chest areas and when very blocked up I rub a little on my upper Lip. This product is all I use when I have a cold and I find it works well, smells good and I appreciate that the ingredients are all natural.
Karen G
Te Awamutu

I love Kereru's Fragrant Oils to use on my potpourri for fragrancing the home and also as a perfume on the skin. The Whitemusk is my No. 1 favourite, so gentle and beautiful, it really lasts. The Vanilla is absolutely stunning, just right, and very addictive ! Such good quality. I've noticed potpourri I made & scented with the Fragrant Oils of Carnation, Jasmine, and Opium in June 07 still smelling beautifully months later. I get a bit of psorisis on the body so find wearing perfumes and oils a bit of a pain as my skin usually reacts with itches and sores, but not with Kereru Fragrant Oils ! It's great to be able to wear them, smell gorgeous and they're so affordable.
CM Hawera

I found the Calendula Lip Salve to be the only product that works for my chapped dry lips in wintertime. This is after having tried many expensive over the counter products.
Lisa J

Your SkinCream is remarkable, "B" has incredible trouble with his hands - inherited from his dad and tried many different formulations. Finally we have found something that actually works ! Don't stop making it - and if you ever do stop - we need the secret recipe ! Someone else we know bought the same stuff for eczema with the same amazing result.

I've been addicted to Kereru Vanilla Fragrant Oil for many years and have never been disappointed with any batch, a very light oil that goes a very long way, and as good smelling Vanilla products are getting harder to find I've been stopped many times and asked where I purchase my delicious fragrance, I'm proud to say New Zealand's own Kereru.
Thanks guys you are terrific.
Niki R

Have been using cold balm for many years and have found it a great product. Gentle enough to use on babies, where with vicks I found you needed to put vaseline underneath as it was too strong on delicate skin. Has also got a lovely smell, and certainly does the job it was made for. I intend to keep using it for many years.

Carol B

I've used your products for several years now and keep coming back to them. Your handcream is the best I have found and extremely good value for money. I also love the bath salts and use the Lavender/Mandarine one for the children's bedtime bath. Divine and helps them wind down for bed, Thanks so much for lovely top quality products.

Natasha D



I have used Kereru Essential Oils for 15 years now, in particular the Lavender oil. It's a top quality product and always delivered promptly.

Sandy J



Re Calendula & Teatree & Lemon Lipsalve, The best Lipbalm I've ever used. Long lasting, pleasant neutral taste. Perfect for keeping lips in great condition.


Kapiti Coast

I've had terrible problems for ages with exczemas & acne on my face. I've spent thousands on different creams etc, including very expensive ones. I tried the Kereru Calendula & Manuka Honey (with Lavender) Skin Cream, & within days my skin improved. 4 weeks on my acne is sooo much better & my exczema is nearly all gone. Thank you so much.



Your Teatree & Lemon Lipsalve is wonderful, and keeps cold sores at bay ! After years of getting several cold sores throughout winter. I haven't had one in the three years I've used your lipsalve. It even seems to heal up any little splits on my lips from the wind & sun.


Palmerston North

I am so delighted you have finally got on the net, I have been buying your product from Martinborough fair for the last 5 years at least, and more and more impressed with them. I use your Calendula & Manuka  Honey skin cream as a night cream, and it always clears up my skin and keeps it looking lush even in the middle of winter. The only possible improvement I can think of is for it to be SPF30 so I can wear it during the day too. Your essential oils are gorgeous and the best price I have ever seen for such fantastic quality.



The Kereru Skin Cream has done wonders for my skin as I own my gardening business, so the sun, wind & rain really does damage to one's skin. I have tried many skin creams but nothing measures up to this product ! My skin is totally deeply moisturised. I often buy it for presents at birthday or christmas.
Kapiti Coast

I have an addiction, a strange one - it is not bad for my health, is very cheap to sustain and makes me very happy. I have an addiction to Lip Gloss ! I regularly purchase new lipgloss but I find I get the greatest hit from the Kereru Rose lip salve. Where else can you get a lipgloss that smells like rose, is great for my lips but only costs $4.50. I'm hooked ! I also use their Lavender oil, I am just trying their Lavender cream for the first time (and enjoying it immensely) and having reviewed their website to place their testimonial I am about to order the Lavender room spray and some Rose oil. Oh dear !
Thanks heaps Kereru whanau
LM via Email

I have been using Kereru products for twenty + years and have been fortunate to see first hand the love that Bev and her team pours into each and every one of these wonderful products. I love them all. My partner is a mechanic and in the winter his hands crack - the calendula skin cream does wonders and he said he "has never used a better product !!". The lip salves (I believe) are the best on the market and great value for money - I could go on and on about all the products as each one is just as great as the other.. I love the fact that Kereru products are naturally good for you and filled with a lot of aroha !! Thanks Bev
Chrissi M via Email

I wish to state that I use the lip salve every day - Tea Tree - I swear by it, keeps my lips moist without being greasy or staining clothing etc that may come in contact with. I have been using the product for the past 7 years and will continue to do so - I always tell my friends about it as the best product that I have come across.
Caroline F via Email

I am a great fan of your bath salts, they smell good enough to eat ! The bath water feels silky as well as smelling gorgeous, and the bath is easy to clean afterwards, You were my reason for going back to the craft show this year.
Lin L via Email

My mother is very healthy for a 92 year old who Is blind and partially deaf, but a couple of years ago her new hearing aids created an irritation behind her ears that no cream the doctor supplied would ease- Being a curious and interested woman, my mother wouldn't leave her hearing aids off in case she missed out on any goings-on in the world. A health food shop in  Paraparaumu suggested the Calendula & Manuka Honey Skin Cream with Lavender "All their products are excellent" the woman told us. Straight away she had relief from the rash, and after a week it had disappeared. She still uses the cream at any sign of returning irritation, and also for any of the other skin irritations the very elderly are prone to. I get sent down to the health food shop regularly to replenish her stock. 
Thanks Kereru.
Kate via Email

Hi there, just browsing the testimonials on your website, and want to let you know that Kereru Cold Balm was a salvation for my children when they were little. A million times better that Vicks, and helped my son with his asthma.
Thank you team!
Stephanie J via Email

hello there, my first time buying off you and thanks for the fast delivery they arrived safely and Oh My Gosh! the scented candles are divine I could smell them as soon as I opened thje package, (lucky person who gets to package them up they must be so happy with all the beautiful scents) I cant possibly burn them as they make my bedroom smell so nice as they are, and I love the rose lip balm its awesome. I already have your cold balm from a friends recommendation and then threw the vicks one away.Will be a regular purchaser from here on in
Kindest regards
Kirstie L via Email 

After years of using prescription moisturiser and spending a fortune on other natural creams for my son's chronic ezcema, I have finally found your Calendula and Manuka Honey skin cream (lemon and tea tree oil) a great help.

Peta via Email 


A few months ago I purchased two bottles of Neem Oil from you.  I am writing to tell you how pleased I was with the product.  I had recently spent $120 for one of our beloved pet guinea pigs to receive weekly injections to rid it of mites, a treatment which our vet insisted was the only way to rid animals of these parasites.  It was not a pleasant experience for the guinea pig or for my wallet.  A few weeks later I discovered that our other guinea pig had mites too.  There was no way I could afford another series of injections and I was worried that the poor little guy would die.  It was then that I began to research on the net and read about the properties of Neem oil.  I discovered your website and, despite my scepticism about it's ability to cure mites, in my desperation I ordered two bottles of the oil. After rubbing the oil into his skin every day for about two weeks, I am extremely pleased to report that our wee fellow is now completely mite free, has his fur back and is his normal healthy self again.  Neem oil provided a natural, pain-free cure at a tiny fraction of the price.

Shiree via Email


Re: Calendula & Manuka Honey skincream with Lavender

Most moisturisers sit on my skin just blocking the pores. Honestly this stuff dissolved so quickly I am even using in during the day - also I would get a stress pimple - it would become huge with inflamation and take weeks to disappear - since I have been using your moisturiser I can see effects in days not weeks - my skin looks soft and supple. I forgot to add that I am an office worker and sit in airconditioning for most of the week.

Thank you.

Debs via Email

I bought some of your soaps at the Martinborough Fair and was so impressed with them, I would like to buy more. I have found they are the only soap that works well with my skin.

Thank you

Venus via Email 

I stumbled on the rose lip salve one day and I haven't stopped using it since. The waxiness protects my lips from wind, and it has a beautiful velvety texture and a nice shine. I love it.



Just wanting to let you know that I used your Neem oil (diluted with water and with a couple of drops of dishwashing liquid) on my house plants and it has got rid of all the whiteflies!  I am really impressed as I only sprayed this solution twice (2 times, three days apart) and I don't see any of those flies hanging around anymore. I wanted an all natural product to use instead of a commercial insecticide as I was worried about my cat accidentally digesting the insecticide and getting poisoned.  I did a search on the internet and found that neem oil is really good and natural product to use at getting rid of plant pests. The Neem oil was brilliant and probably a lot cheaper than the insecticide.
Thank you for supplying such a wonderful product.

Christina via Email


Thank you so much for the lovely soap which you gave me with my order. Very much appreciated. Loving it, as i am all the other products. Will certainly be including soap in my next order.

Kind regards

Helen W via Email


The order has arrived thank you so much! Has totally made my day and I LOVE the new tube lip glosses - no more gloss stuck under my nails yay!!
Many, many thanks

Nicole M via Email


Many thanks for the delivery of the rose hip oil.  Am absolutely delighted and it certainly is helping with the "dry"  patches - sun damage on my face. They are significantly reduced and I am hopeful they will disappear altogether in time.
Thanks also for the lovely bar of soap.  Really appreciated. 

Carol J  via Email


Hi there... do you do bulk supply? My husband is a tattooist and we are looking for a stockist to supply after care... he swears by your green balm.

Catherine H  via Email


I  fully recommend the Calendula and Manuka honey Skin Cream, as I've used it through the year for myself so many scratches from my kitten, they have disappeared. My partner had a sore back from sciatica, it was so healing.

Susan W



NZ Green Balm is awesome for healing, it lessens & prevents scabbimg. Get it on your fresh ink - all natural and cheap as.

JC via Thorndon Fair

Thanks again for your great customer service  and a wonderful product that I have really enjoyed using for almost 10 years now. Both the lavender and the lemon & teatree skin cream have always worked well for me especially when my hands are very dry after a day in the garden!

ChrisH via Email


I just want to tell you how utterly wonderful I think your products are. I have told so many people about your bath salts as I've never found a bath salt I like until now! Yours are truly divine. I also love that your affordable prices make good living available to everyone. There is no way I would find such good quality products at these prices in the shops. Please keep doing what you're doing as you are doing it marvellously well.
Kind regards

K M via Email

I Love that greenstuff you are making (N Z Green Balm). I put it on our itchy bites.

C.S. Pohangina a "local" by phone


Kereru Natural Products rule! Have recently become an online customer and I am really impressed with the quality of the service and products. The website is easy to use and very informative and goods were delivered within 48hrs. I LOVE the products. I am a total convert and look forward to trying out more Kereru products in future.
Thanks for providing such great products at such affordable prices. I'll be back for more!

Petone,Lower Hutt

Hi, I'm really pleased to find your product available. I bought some Cold Balm at a coffee shop at least 5 years ago and used it all. I have a head cold and it is the best product I've ever used to sleep well with a cold.




I’ve just placed an order for some of your wonderful skincream.  I just wanted to share with you the great results I am getting with this cream on my 2 year old son.  He suffers from eczema and reacts to most creams usually recommended by doctors but yours has worked a treat!   I love the lavender smell and its reassuring to read the ingredients label that I’m not exposing my child to lots of chemicals.  I am very happy that I discovered your products at the Martinborough Fair this year  !

 LM via Email


I recently purchased your cold balm as my husband, my toddler and I were all suffering from colds. I had been reluctant to use Vicks on my daughter, as I found that it stung my skin, so when I discovered cold balm on your website I thought I'd give it a go.
I just wanted to let you know how wonderful this product is. All three of us used it and were able to breathe more easily straight away.It also creates such a lovely warm, healing and comforting sensation. Especially welcome with the sudden cold snap we had a week ago! Thank you so much for creating this product. I have recommened it to all the mothers at Playcentre. 
WR via Email

Just opened our very special box from you and what a pleasant and wonderful surprise.  Your products are very nice and I appreciate the extra bars of soap.  Looks like we will be placing another order witlh you later.  Need to get the neem oil on our trees and your skin cream and oils are just magic.
Thanks so much,  we all greatly appreciate good quality products and yours are fantastic.
I have lived here for 11 years originally from Calif.  and I have used herbal and organic products for over  30 years and I am very happy to have found a company here that offers what I am used to.
You can count on us for buying on a regular basis.  GREAT JOB !    I am writing my list right now. 

 SG & family via Email


Please make our to Birthday Boy Oscar Cranwell. Hehe it's his first birthday this on Thursday and he uses MOST of these things........well actually ALL of it on a daily basis. Teatree oil in a container with water as wet wipe for bottom. Bath salts and oil. All over Lavendar cream. Chamomile Oil for cheeks during teething and of course a few drops of lavendar on his bedding and cuddlies every night. Even Mummy and Daddy use the creams now. Thanks Kereru for making such wonderful products!!!

 David C via email


I just wanted to let you know I am most impressed by the service I received from Kereru.  My order was delivered on Saturday morning when only ordering it Friday afternoon.  Wonderful!  I will be sure to let friends and family know of your gorgeous products and fantastic service.
Maria M via Email

 Thank you so much for sending the wonderful package of oils etc. so quickly.  Fantastic service. Many thanks for including 2 of your gorgeous soaps.  They will be a real treat.  

We love your cold balm to help us get to sleep when we have colds or flu and I use your oils to make my new entrants classroom smell inviting and welcoming. Once again thanks for fantastic service and great products.

Kim M via Email


Last year when I was at the Martinborough Fair, I came across the Kereru Stand. I have been having trouble with my Sinuses for years and it has cost me a fortune at the Doctors and Chemists over the years. I was always needing antibiotics to clear up the infection. The last time I had antibiotics, I ended up having a severe allergic reaction which was almost life threatening. A few days before the 2011 Martinborough Fair, my sinuses played up and I didn't really want to go back to the Doctors after my last experience. I was walking past the Kereru stand when I heard the Lady there explaining about their Cold Balm and what does for you. I was a bit skeptical, so I tried a sample from the tester pot by rubbing some Cold Balm under my nose and gently around it. Bear in mind, I couldn't smell ANYTHING because they were blocked up and the right side of my face was swollen. Within about 10-15 minutes, I could smell again and after about 20 minutes my face started to come down and it cleared the blockage completely. I went back and bought the large pottle of the Cold Balm and haven't been to see the Doctor for my sinuses since. I have saved hundreds of dollars by not going to the Doctors since using the Cold Balm. It is also prefect for traveling overseas on planes as you don't get a stuffy nose or sore ears and it's not a liquid so it is safe to take on board. Today I bought 2 more smaller pottles, so I can keep 1 in my handbag and 1 at home. I highly recommend this product to everyone I see, including my Doctor!

Kate M via Email


HI, THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR MOST WONDERFUL PRODUCTS THAT WE ALL REALLY ENJOY AND BENEFIT FROM ! ! ! ! ! !  -  we as a family love the calendula/ lavender soap and lavender  skin cream and feel it is very high quality and makes our lives much more pleasurable.  

Sandra G via Email


Just want to tell you how much we enjoy your Lipsalves.

I have been using the Calendula Teatree & Lemon for some time now and certainly find it is the best Lipsalve I have ever come across.   I am prone to cold sores but as long as I use the salve regularly I know I won't get a cold sore.   I put my son onto the Calendula Teatree & Lemon salve, he too used to get cold sores but he too now swears by your product.  Even my six year old grandaughter has her own pot of the Geranium salve, she too loves it.    I am now trying the Rose salve and think my grandaughter will be wanting a pot too (its pink so that makes it even more appealling) I like to make sure I always have a spare pot on hand for anyone who visits and has trouble with dry lips.

Great Product, Keep up the Good Work

Margaret via Email

  I have to say that this is the best natural cream ( NZ Green Balm ) I have ever used. It cleared up a scalp condition that I have had for nearly 30 years in only two applications! I use it for everything now, absolutely wonderful!

Kristina J via Email  

I discovered your  skin cream when I returned to live in nz in 2010. Years ago I made my own, however i have used  a range of organic products since then here and while living overseas .
Your product is simply the best - and I have used many organic creams over the years.
I use it  every day, on the dog and I also give it as a present - almost exclusively . I send it with family and friends overseas and recommend it to everyone.
Thank you for a best quality organic product xand now I look forward to using other products of yours

Trish G via Email


I first discovered your fantastic lip balm in Colville Store, Coromandel 2005. I loved the Tea Tree and Lemon so much I cleaned them out during my 2 week break and each time I returned, stocked up to last until my next visit.
I've since moved to Sydney and fortunately my Mum is still living in NZ so my supply never runs dry. I've gifted many jars to friends and find the salve soothing for not only lips but mosquito bites and other minor skin irritations. Hoping sometime soon you'll be shipping to Sydney.
Thanks so much for making a consistently excellent product that lasts and
always keeps my lips wonderfully moisturised.
Seanie x via Email

I love your products - the chest balm is soooooo much better than vicks 
thanks and please keep making your products forever =)

Suzi G via Email


I discovered Kereru products 5 years ago, and they are all I use for my whole family. I love the quality of the base material, the fantastic textures and smells,  and the good feeling I get from using them. It's not hard to feel they are made with love! I always bring a few jars of the skin creams, cold balm and now your great green balm with me when I go visit my family in Europe, where the products have now reached cult status amongst my parisian friends and whanau in the country alike.They always ask me why your products are not made available there, that people would pay a fortune for such beauty there, but I suspect the fact they have to order from here (or wait for my next visit) make them even more special.I also love the fact you make such quality affordable for everyone, and not a luxury for a few, and that you haven't turned into a capitalist machine like many other brands, who have lost they soul, and their quality in the process. Anyway thank you for you and the natural taonga you bring to our families ! .Just one request: can you please make hair products? 

Delphine M via Email

Thankyou so much for your quick service. The candles ( Pure beeswax hand dipped ) are lovely and smell wonderful, and your price is just great. I won't need anymore for a while for myself but I will buy more for my friends as gifts. A stunning product and service. Thankyou.
Adell via Email

Regarding your products, I am personally using them and they are just awesome. Far better then high priced branded products. I am sure your products will go a long way.

P.G. Delhi India, CEO of Essential Oil Company

I have been meaning to send you an email in regards to your FANTASTIC Arnica cream which I have been using for the past 5+ years (if not more).
It is simply the best, and I mean the BEST arnica cream on the market and wanted to commend you on it, and let you know that I have sent it all over the world to my friends and they are avid users (stemming from South Korea,
Ireland, Scotland, England Germany, Greece, France, Italy, Seychelles, Madagascar)...

so please keep up the great work so our sore ankles/joints/bruises can get better!

Jen via Email


I just wanted to say that I am in loooovvvve with your peppermint essential oil! I am someone who often gets headaches and migraines and I now swear by this product to help relieve them. I don't go anywhere without it, its
amazing for so many things and the smell is just an added bonus. Was beginning to worry about where I could repurchase it so i'm very glad I found your site! Thank you so much, its been a real life saver for me!

Natasha Via Email

I've been buying your products for as long as I can remember - especially the oils. 

Anyway, I just wanted to pass on some feedback, as today I tried for the first time your Calendula/Manuka/Lavender Cream. I was a little doubtful, as my eczema has flared up a little and my hands are dry, and I thought the lavender could make it worse, but I put my doubts aside and tried it as I have so much faith in your brand (and my skin isn't broken or infected so I figured it was worth trying). 
Within a half hour, I saw a quick result. Its calmer, not itchy, the flakiness is reduced and it feels better than its felt in ages, even just from using a small bit. 
REALLY impressed, and glad I decided to add it to my ever-expanding collection of Kereru products. 
Thank you for being so fantastic :)

Anne-Marie via Email

I've found Kereru Calendula and Honey Skin Cream to be very beneficial to my eczema. I have had 'discoid ezcema' on my lower legs for several years now and have been tried a number of treatments from my dermatologist, mostly with little success as it is known to be a difficult condition to treat. These have been steroid based... one stronger ointment made a miraculous improvement when using it for the prescribed 2 weeks, only to be followed by a rash/reaction much worse than the original eczema. I have been using a weak steroid mixed with moisturing cream for some time now and it makes minimal difference. A course of light treatment at a hospital was very successful (twice weekly sessions for 12 weeks) but come winter again and no sun exposure the eczema is back with a vengeance. I would have to wait several months on a waiting list to have this again, unless I chose to pay for this treatment privately. I decided to stop using the steroid as it was making little or no difference to the ezcema. Thats when I started using a jar of your Kereru cream. I've applied it 2-3 times a day to my legs for a couple of weeks and it has made a significant difference, the patches have almost healed, it is soothing after application and my skin generally feels and looks much better. I can't say its a cure yet but it has certainly reduced my eczema and promoted healing. Many thanks.
Bev M via Email

Hi I first used your products (lip balm and essential oils) a few years ago and have been continuing to purchase them from Down to Earth in New Plymouth.  I then brought your body moisturizer both lavender and lemon &
tea tree) which I found excellent for my eczema and dermatitis prone skin. It is great for using after shaving and waxing as well.  I then looked up your website and purchased some items earlier this month.  I got some soaps
also.  I would like to say these are FANTASIC PRODUCTS!!  I love the smells and that it is natural and made in NZ.  Thanks again and I look forward to purchasing from you again soon.
Julie P via Email

Dear Kereru

I’ve been using your Tea Tree & Lemon Lip Salve for quite a few years now – I even wrote a testimonial for your website back in the pre 2010 years (before I changed my name !) relating how it stops the cold sores I’m sometimes prey to from developing.

It struck me the other day, that every product of yours I’ve ever used (Lip Salve, Handcream, Essential oils, Massage oils, Candles) has been far superior to any other natural-organic brand I’ve come across. Your prices are very affordable, it’s great being able to buy them at Steve’s Wholefoods in PN, being locally made is wonderful, and the consistently high quality is something I frequently mention to anyone even vaguely interested ! Thanks for making something that is so pleasurable to use.

Love W.S. Via Post

Dear Kereru, 
I went to New Zealand for 3 months internship. In Wellington, I found your “Skin Cream with Teatree & Lemon” in a shop in Cuba Street. I brought it back to France where I’m living.  I was hesitated about buying your 60mL jar or 120mL… At the end I bought your 60mL but now I regret it. 
Your skin cream is really an amazing product. I have some eczema on my hands and thanks to your skin cream, my eczema was almost finished. 
Do you know some equivalent product in France? 

MG via Email


I am a loyal customer of yours for years now. I only use your products in my massage clinic. 
Recently I've had a bad fall, spraining both my knees very bad, so bad both my hands wouldn't fit around either knee! 
I am contacting you, to thank you for your excellent products and for my crazy quick recovery back to work thanks to their high quality. 
Within hours of the injury the first thing I did was to mix a generous combination of your Arinca Balm with tiger balm all over both knees. The second and last thing I did was place a wheat pack for heat on each. Well, by the next morning they were all but down to their normal size. Very impressive, a result that could never be achieved without your fabulous products. 
I thank you once again,

SP via Email


I just want to let you know how wonderful I have found your Green Balm. I recently burnt my hand badly when putting a log in the fire and the balm healed the burn very rapidly leaving no scar. It also took the pain away within a short time the day I burnt it. I have also found it takes the itch out of some long standing eczema I have on my leg much better than anything else I have tried. It's a marvellous product!!

HM via Email


Thanks so much for your super-fast response to my order - it is much appreciated. I'm so grateful to have found a hand cream that really does work for garden-worn hands (and feet!!)

SW via Email

By the way i love your products and have been buying them on my yearly trip to the coromandel via colville for years.  Thank you so much for making these beautiful products that i have been able to afford for my family.
Many Blessings

SC via Email


I discovered you on Sunday, while with a friend and her friends. They could not stop talking about your lip balm and also the quality and naturalness of your products.
So I ordered and, I just wanted to say WOW and big thanks for the amazingly quick delivery.
I ordered my package yesterday morning and it was here by 11am.
So very appreciative.
Am loving the balm and can't wait to try the rest.

I'll be recommending you most definitely.

LT via Email


Also, I wanted to give a feedback on your products that I find absolutely outstanding. I have worked many years in the beauty industry (over 10), in retail and for several different brands. I had the chance of using what are considered to be the best products on the market (brands like Lancôme, Chanel, Clarins, but also top of the range as La Prairie, La Mer,...) and I still much prefer your tea tree and calendula moisturizer. I have quite a dry skin, but my dad and my husband love it as much as I do and they have more of on oily skin. We use it as a multi purpose moisturizer face and body, after sun, pre and post shave and it always works!
It's a beautiful product!
L via Email


Many thanks for your usual efficient and friendly service.


Just letting you know where your lovely soaps have been enjoyed over the world so far!










Saskatoon Canada


Maine, USA


Hong Kong


Guangzhou , China




They are always greeted with a Wow! and a great smile!
JL via Email

I was the customer at the 2nd Martinborough Fair who had the empty jar of your wonderful lip salve. The new blend is just as good and still works nicely as a hair smoother too, so def do some tests on some moustached men! Loving having a full pot again I use it daily. Was lovely to talk to you on the day, all the best for your sales.
AE via email

I have been using your Calendula & Manuka Honey Skin Cream on my hands. It seems to be the ONLY product that heals the nasty cracks around my fingertips from the winter weather combined with housework and gardening. I absolutely love this product. I've been restocking every time I go to Otaki to visit my sister or if she comes home.
KB via email


I look forward to ordering more lovely products from you, I am loving the lip salve as most lipbalms/lipsticks I have  a reaction to so it's awesome to find one that my body likes! lol

KB via email


Hi,bought your green balm on my last trip back to NZ,and have found it excellent for various skin problems.Glad I took it recently to the UK,it cleared up a persistent dry patch on my daughters face so had to leave my spare jar there. So my question is; do you ship to Queensland,Australia? I would want at least 5 pots and also some other items.

SB via email


I've been using your essential oils for years now. They are superb quality and make fabulous blends. Thieve's oil blend goes in everything around home, including my body oils and perfumes. I'm now using your soap and wow, that spicy cornmeal is incredible. I LOVE the fact it doesn't have palm oil in it, but better quality oils that are kinder to the environment. The scent is addictive.

RF via email

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