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About Kereru Natural Products

We came to live in the Pohangina Valley in 1981, bringing a bourgeoning interest in soap making, and the Good Earth in general. We also started to hand-dip candles, trialling tallow & beeswax (soft to the touch, but they burn just fine) and moving to a mix of parrafin & beeswax. The natural soaps and scented candles were rewarding products. Some shops in Wellington (especially round Cuba Street) agreed to stock them, and we also gained enthusiastic customers at markets. This support has continued - thankyou all very much, and to our staff who have given so much.
    We have alwyays endeavoured  to produce effective products with simple but quality Natural Ingredients; and to sell them at a price the ordinary person could afford. The product mix has altered and grown, but this fundamental philosophy has not changed.
    Our products do not use mineral oils, synthetic perfumes, preservatives, or any of the many dubious additives found in most commercial products.
    Lately we are pleased to be able to source more essential oils and other ingredients that are certified organic.
    Our Calendula products utilise our own organic flowers.

    We guarantee our products to give good service.