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Kereru Natural Products

We accept orders from New Zealand customers only

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1st November '16    PRICE & PRODUCT NEWS

We have a number of product price increases, necessary but always done with reluctance,

(German & Roman chamomile essential oils have decreased in price)

Summerbreeze airsprays are to be deleted as something in their essential oils tended to

stick the sprayer. The Summerbreeze essential oil blend is still available in 12ml bottles.

The Calendula & Manuka honey skin cream is offered in a third variety, one with no essential oils.

This will be a good choice for sensitive skins, babies, etc.

The Rose & Marshmallow facial cleanser is now also available in a smaller 60ml size.

Thanks for being a Kereru customer,

The Kereru Team

We are pleased to announce some new products

Holy Basil - Tulsi 5ml

Holy Basil - Tulsi: (Ocimum sanctum)

Not to be used in pregnancy or if epileptic

Warming and spicy aroma. It is energising, and focusing, while easing stress, and anxiety

Chocolate & Vanilla Lip Salve

A luscious blend of organic cocoa butter, organic raw cacao and organic vanilla essential oil, with a touch of organic manuka honey. The natural brown colour leaves a slight tint.

5ml Lip Tube $4.50  15ml Jar $6.00

Thieves Oil Blend

A blend of natural essential oils selected for their antibacterial,

anti viral, cleansing, and protective qualities.

12ml $10.00

Rose & Marshmallow Moisturising facial cleanser

A soothing and hydrating facial cleanser with the softening properties of organic Marshmallow extract, and an exotic, regenerating, Rose essential oil blend, which will exalt the senses.
125ml plastic bottle

Scented Rosehip Facial Oil

Coldpressed organic Rosehip oil with the special, exotic, regenerating, Rose essential oil blend of Rose damascena, Palmarosa, Geranium, Myrrh, Ylangylang, & Frankincense. 20ml $12.00  50ml $20.00


New Essential oil

Palmarosa (certified organic)

   Lovely Rosy aroma & excellent therapeutic qualities for skin and spirit

5ml $10.00

Rosewater (NZ, preservative free)

Rosewater 50ml $6.50  100ml $10.00

 Witchhazel (certified organic)

Witchhazel 50ml $6.00  100ml $9.00

Organic Lavender Intermedia

 is available again

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